This website is made and edited by XII IPS 1 group 5 for the sake of exam purposes. Group 5 consists of the following students:

Create conducive space you might also–editing-services find it helps to create writing rituals, to create a sacred space in which to write or to organize your work space or eliminate distractions

Website ini dibuat dan dikelola oleh kelompok 5 XII IPS 1 untuk kepentingan ujian. Kelompok 5 terbentuk dari siswa berikut:

Name : Chong Yi Yun Eunice
Number : 11
Nickname: Yi Yun
Role : Administrator

Name : Vincentius Alvaro
Number : 38
Nickname: Vincent
Role : Contributor

Name : Nicholas Oden
Number : 30
Nickname: Oden
Role : Editor

Name : Jason Goetomo
Number : 19
Nickname: Jason
Role : Author

Name : Jesslin Viola Talim
Number : 20
Nickname: Viola
Role : Author

Name : Fredrick Sentosa
Number : 16
Nickname: Fred
Role : Subscriber